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Daily Catch

Conditions can change from day to day, river to river. Call me to book a date and rely on us to select the location with the best opportunity to put you on fish.

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Winter Steelhead

January - March

 The winter steelhead run begins in December and goes into the first part of April. These fish are known for sporadic movements and high flying jumps and are sure to offer an exciting and action-packed fight.

Chinook Salmon

 May - June

Aug - Dec

Commonly know as King Salmon the Chinook are targeted by anglers because of their size and exceptional fight. Thesis of these salmon has an average weight of 20-30 pounds with some pushing 40 to 50! The “Springer” is by far the best tasting of all the salmon varieties, and are caught May-June. The Fall Chinook run starts in August with the season stretching into December. The fall variety is most commonly targeted in the coastal rivers of Oregon.

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Ocean Coho Salmon

July - Sept

Coho, also known as silver salmon or silvers are one of the most popular species of Salmon to fish for in the Pacific Northwest. Coho can weigh up to 20 pounds and are plentiful from July through September. You can expect an action-packed fight especially on light tackle as these fish are known for spectacular jumps and hard runs.

Ocean Bottom Fishing

May - Sept

Fish offshore for the biggest lingcod you’ll see on the Oregon Coast, and rockfish as a bonus.  Crabbing included (weather permitting). This trip includes everything you will need to fish with, as well as filleting and crab cooking at the end of your trip.


We’ll be heading offshore and fishing with our heavy and light tackle. Catching is usually very good, and it isn’t uncommon for us to come home with limits of rockfish and lingcod on these trips.  We typically see large lingcod as well as several species of large rockfish.  This trip can be dependent on ocean and weather conditions, so please keep that in mind when scheduling.  

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